Smile together as a family

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I believe with all my heart that a family that can smile together will stay together.  The ability of a partner to smile with their partner and gain control out of a negative emotion is the best contribution that can be made to a relationship.

It goes both ways of course.  If both have had a 'bad' day then a real look by both parties, of what is truly important, is a must to avert conflict. It, a conflict, happens of course but with love and care – a smile and laughter will always pull you through.

No one thing or one person is perfect. Understand what the goal of any relationship is, to unite, to have strength, to have love.  A smile can and always will help a moment of angst.

Smile, look out for one another.  Think thoughts of togetherness for you are both in this thing called life together.

Smile, help one another through the dark times, through the sorrow, through the pain. You are both united for one common goal led only by love.

Smile, stay focused on the prize, on happiness and growth of the family unit.

Smile, remain open to each other, talk, share and communicate at all times with each other.

Smile and you both will win!

A smile will always conquer adversity, it will smooth and enlighten the path more than anger, more than tears, more than fear.

Power Action Number 29 – – Smile in the face of adversity and focus on each other

With focus and communication and a smile you will win. Try it what do you really have to lose.

Till next time! Smile!



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