Smoky Vortex UFO Confounds Witnesses (Video)

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A wind-driven, smoky vortex UFO surprised witnesses with its unusual, erratic behavior. What is it?

The weird apparition was caught on video by two people who are clearly at a loss for words describing what they are looking at. Two distinct contrails swirl near each other, high in the air, spinning in and out like a couple doing the Tango.

For a moment the two airstreams come together, twisting in the non-existent wind, before breaking apart and moving off toward the horizon.

It’s not a windy day. The two columns look as though they are being guided by an invisible hand. And they combine into a shape not what one would expect from a funneling twister or dust-devil.

Although this vision is not what is called a traditional UFO, its spooky, almost supernatural behavior does seem to have an intelligent purpose.

So what is it?

Here’s the video:

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