‘Smurfs’ 3D: Entire Village Paints Itself Blue to Promote Movie

An entire village in Southern Spain has painted itself blue as a unique way to promote the upcoming film Smurfs 3D. It took 4,000 liters of blue paint and 12 local painters to transform the small village of Juzcar into a Smurf Village.

How awesome is that? An entire town painted blue! The town looks really cool from a distance, as it is a small town that sits in the Genal valley, surrounded by mountains and forests. Really, Juzcar was the ideal choice when it came to what town to paint. Juzcar is less than two miles wide, so it wasn’t an overly ambitious project. Smurfs producers approached the town about painting the entire village blue. The agreement was that Sony Pictures could paint the town, and Juzcar would host the world premier of Smurfs 3D in exchange.

To see an entire town painted blue is quite a sight! In fact, the town has seen increased tourism as a result. Everyone wants to get a firsthand look at the new Smurf Village!

Although Sony has, of course, agreed to paint the buildings back to their original colors, “the town is considering leaving them all blue.” They totally should, especially if they like the increased tourism they are seeing now.

The highly anticipated movie about those adorable little blue people is scheduled to hit theatres on July 29, 2011. Most young adults remember watching The Smurfs as an animated television show when they were kids. NBC aired the final of 256 Smurfs episodes in December 1989. The Smurfs 3D movie stars many favorites, including Katy Perry, Neil Patrick Harris, Paul Reubens from Peewee’s Playhouse, and Kenan Thompson from Saturday Night Live.

It’s less than a month away now, and excitement is bubbling all over the world–but especially in the freshly-painted blue village of Juzcar, where the Smurfs will live on forever.

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