Sneak peak at Lauren Bush and David Lauren’s engagement party!

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Lauren Bush and David Lauren’s elite and fancy engagement party stunned those few who were selected to attend the beautiful gala. Bush is the niece of the former president George W. Bush, while Lauren is the son of Ralph Lauren, the well-known fashion designer. Can you say “Show me the money?”

All attendees at the engagement party in the Hamptons wore all white at the event that was hosted by Anne Hearst, the Hearst heiress, on her Water Mill Farm in New York. It must have been a uniquely beautiful party celebrating their amazing love for one another.

Not many people were invited to the highly anticipated Bush and Lauren engagement party, but all of the Lauren family attended along with Rick and Kathy Hilton.

Also attending the engagement party was, of course, Bush’s mother, Sharon Bush, as well as Cynthia Rowley and Douglas Hannant, fashion designers.

Somehow Dylan Lauren, David Lauren’s sister, found herself at the front door greeting people, even though she was not the hostess of the party. Lauren stated, “I don’t know why I’m standing here. I feel like I’m the host.”

Ralph Lauren’s daughter must be one of those outgoing personalities that loves to greet people. In that case, Dylan Lauren was in just the right spot for the engagement party!

During the event, some of the guests “sipped cocktails” on the back porch, while other people enjoyed speeches from Rick Hilton and Sharon Bush inside the house. Hilton mentioned that he would love for Lauren and Bush to find a true love that is lasting like his love for his lovely bride, Kathy. Isn’t Mr. Hilton quite the romantic. He just scored some bonus points with his wife, Kathy. Didn’t he?

There has been much speculation if Lauren Bush will become Lauren Lauren, or if she will decide to remain Lauren Bush. After all, the name Lauren Lauren does sound quite odd together. Doesn’t it?

However, Bush admitted that she is old-fashioned, and she believes that she will take her husband’s last name and possibly become Lauren Bush-Lauren. This name change sounds like a great idea. This way Bush can still keep her last name and the recognition that goes with the Bush family name, while honoring her husband by taking his last name.

The wedding is set to take place in Colorado at the Lauren Ranch. George H.W. Bush is expected to attend the wedding of Lauren Bush and David Lauren. May their love last a lifetime as they will be scrutinized under the spotlight of celebrities. Hopefully they can withstand the storms of life and the menacing paparazzi!

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