Sneaking the Healthy Stuff in With Pizza

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Healthy pizza toppings are one of the easiest ways to get good foods into the bellies of picky eaters. Few kids claim to not like pizza so it makes sense to sneak some important vegetables in with their favorite food. The only issue with sneaking vegetables in with pizza is the overwhelming cost of delivery or dine-in pizza. Consumers can get two fresh-baked DiGiorno pizzas for the same price as one delivery pizza. With so many of DiGiorno’s pizzas being loaded with vegetables, you can sneak the good stuff in while keeping your food budget under control.


Things like bell peppers, onions, mushrooms and olives all freeze extremely well and provide plenty of nutrients once baked. Not only do they provide necessary nutrients to those picky eaters called children, they also taste amazing. Taste is the most important factor for consumers when purchasing food with value following closely behind. In fact, 90 percent of consumers look for a great deal when purchasing food. You can’t beat the value of a frozen, vegetable loaded pizza when trying to get healthy ingredients into your kids without busting your wallet. The only thing that would make pizza healthier would be making it from scratch but in doing so your price goes up along with the amount of time you must invest to have dinner on the table.


Vegetables aren’t the only healthy item gracing the tops of pizzas. Try serving up a pizza with pineapple or a variety of cheeses on top to provide variety and something new for the taste buds. Just throwing in extra fruits and calcium rich foods can do your children a world of good. You can also prepare two different types of pizza on the same night to entice your children to try something healthier along with their old pepperoni and cheese favorites.


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