SNL Alum Jan Hooks Shines Bright on 30 Rock

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Jan Hooks a member of one of the best casts of Saturday Night Live, has made a return to TV. In this week’s episode of 30 Rock she plays Verna the mother of Jenna. Verna seems only interested in her daughter for the money. In tonight’s episode she comes back to make amends, or has she?

Well the episode doesn’t stand up to some of the best of 30 Rock it does shine brightly in a season that has mostly been falling flat. The humor for me never seems to be lacking but the character development has been drying up and feels formulaic. The new cast member is being underused and has yet to develop much of a personality. I think it’s time that the characters get put through their paces again and we start to see some twists. Perhaps when sweeps comes?



Jan Hooks of course gives us a brilliant interpretation of a mother who knows how to manipulate her daughter. Her scenes with Jack were the best of the night. We can only hope she will come back as a rival love interest to Julianne Moore’s character. I’m sure this isn’t the last we have seen of Verna.

For more Jan Hook’s watch the Saturday Night Live Sketches below:

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