‘SNL’ Has Field Day With Kim Kardashian Divorce

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SNL had a field day Saturday Night with Kim Kardashian’s divorce. The skits were exceptional and the content really came close to mirroring what many people actually think about the whole sordid drama.

According to RadarOnline, Saturday Night Live regular Nasim Pedrad played the role of Kim–and she aced it. She had the look, the air of stupidity and false naiveté–and the air of faux sophistication.

The show Keeping Up With the Kardashians wasn’t immune to SNL’s spoof either. All three Kardashian sisters were portrayed, along with mom Kris Jenner, who was flawlessly and hilariously brought to life by Kristen Wiig. She personified Kris Jenner of late, too, as she constantly showed up in the midst of her daughter’s fun–making like she was a young beauty herself–instead of a shriveling older mom who really has no place in entertainment except for running her daughter’s lives.

If ever the public needed a break from Kim Kardashian and her foolishness, it’s now. And while that’s not likely to happen for quite a while, SNL’s spoof was most definitely the next best thing. Kim Kardashian was portrayed like a bimbo extraordinaire and she even ended the final skit with a priceless line.

“I’m single and there’s an NBA lockout,” faux Kim Kardashian a.k.a. Nasim Pedrad said.Kim Kardashian . <3

It was priceless. It was necessary. And it will no doubt make the rounds of talk shows for at least the upcoming week.

Did you catch the spoof SNL did Saturday night of Kim Kardashian–her wedding, her divorce and her entire family?

If not, you can catch a clip right here.

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