SNL Presidents Reunion–VIDEO

An amazing concatenation of search arguments all lead to the same place, the SNL Presidents Reunion video on Funny or Die.  Here are some of the related search arguments as reported by Google:

lost 6. sezon 6. bölüm izle, blog do vic, dotarem, ministry of education jamaica, passport office lucknow

NNN researchers are hot on the trail of this amazing collection of seemingly unrelated clues.  A Google search using the argument “SNL Presidents Reunion” turned up this list of related searches which seems more sensible although the tabular form is a little weird:

1. snl x presidents
2. snl vice presidents
3. snl presidents classmates
4. snl presidents facebook
5. snl presidents yahoo

1. ex presidents snl
2. snl presidents association
3. snl presidents myspace
4. snl presidents tour
5. snl presidents people search

1. beatles reunion snl
2. snl tenth reunion
3. snl walken reunion
4. snl reunion
5. snl palin reunion

1. snl presidents reunion funny or die
2. snl presidents reunion chevy chase
3. snl presidents reunion carrey
4. snl presidents reunion obama gets
5. snl presidents reunion ron

Below Little Walter–Marion Walter Jacobs–who mastered the harmonica while leaving impulse control in a trunk in an attic somewhere–weighs in on ex presidents as only he could. 

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