Snooki Arrested–“Jersey Shore” Cast Member Drunk and Disorderly

Nicole “Snooki” Palozzi, a cast member of the “reality” TV show Jersey Shore was arrested for disorderly conduct at about 3:30 PM EDT today in Seaside Heights, NJ.  An anonymous eye witness said “She was passed out face down in the sand.”  The voyeur continued, “She couldn’t even stand up. She was on her knees and kept falling on the beach. People were laughing and taking pictures of her before the cops arrested her.”

People on the beach complained of a woman who was falling on others and annoying them.  When police approached Palozzi, her behavior apparently warranted a trip to  the local drunk tank.

Borough Administrator John A. Camera said, taking a moment to pat himself on the back, “It really is true, and has been proven — whether it’s a show or not.  When people misbehave in public, it’s the same: The police expeditiously end their bad behavior so all the good people can enjoy their time.”

MTV declined to comment.

It’s safe to guess that MTV was very happy about the incident.  Jersey Shore has a reputation for a salacious depiction of the party till you puke then get up and party some more culture.  Palozzi’s arrest can only add to the show’s well cultivated reputation.  While Administrator Camera’s comments may indicate a lack of approval for Palozzi’s behavior, it’s a good bet that he and local business owners are absolutely thrilled.  On Thursday Camara released a statement on behalf of borough officials praising the show for having brought millions of dollars to Seaside Heights.

This raises an interesting question.  Can reality shows recession proof a town?  Maybe all you need is a group of idiots, a TV crew, a gang of paparazzi, and you’re set.  This could be better than a new factory or monster defense contract.

One more question:  What is the origin of the nickname “Snooky” or “Snooki?”  Here are a couple of pictures of the fish called a snook.  The resemblance between it and Palozzi (center)is not immediately apparent.  The fish clearly has a larger mouth.



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