Snooki Defends Her Right to Wear Heels

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Although Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi has made some major lifestyle changes after learning of her pregnancy, there is one thing she refuses to give up. She will abstain from booze and cut down on tanning, but she won’t change her footwear.

After a fan tweeted her that her signature high heels were dangerous to her baby, Polizzi was quick to come to her shoes’ defence: “No it’s not. My baby and I are just fine. Thanks for your concern tho.”

It’s not the first time the Jersey Shore star has defended her right to wear heels while pregnant. Earlier this month, she tweeted a photo of black studded stilettos with the caption, “best accessory for today.” Then, she said, “My feet aren’t swelling yet so I’m still enjoying all my shoes.”

So, who’s right: Snooki or her heel-opposed fan? Although heels don’t really pose any threat to an unborn baby, they can put the expectant mother at risk for lower back pain and back injury. If Nicole Polizzi can deal with any pain that results from wearing her favorite shoes, then it’s her prerogative.

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