Snooki Defends Seaside Heights, Baby Lorenzo, Jionni on Twitter

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Snooki took to Twitter to defend Seaside Heights, NJ as well as her excitement about baby Lorenzo and fiance Jionni. It has been a traumatic week for Nicole Polizzi, and watching Jersey Shore brought all of that back.

Of course, people can be so mean to the guidette, especially on Twitter. “Seaside is destroyed..not ok..sry” tweeted Nicole in response to a “fan” who found it too easy to make fun of the devastation left by hurricane Sandy. “Thank you #Sandy for finally giving all of those dirty MTV Jersey Shore trash a good bath.”

Seriously, it is one thing to make fun of Snooki on a sunny day, but to take advantage of a natural disaster to insult the Jersey Shore star is frankly sick. Polizzi handled this the best she could, though. The thing is, Nicole has to defend nearly everything, even her enthusiasm over baby Lorenzo and Jionni.

Living through the hurricane is one thing. To have all of your memories of a place that has been completely destroyed constantly replayed on television, that is certainly something that can bring about all sorts of feelings. Perhaps fans could lay off Nicole Polizzi and the other Jersey Shore cast, remembering that places like Seaside Heights are trying to pick up the pieces.

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