Snooki: Dumb ‘Jersey Shore’ Star Can’t Spell ‘L.A.’

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Snooki might be the dumbest of the dumb when it comes to the Jersey Shore cast. The ‘head Guidette’ showed off her lack of spelling ability when it comes to the initials for Los Angeles.

Just chillannn in el ay â?¥ on TwitpicEveryone already knew that Snook wasn’t the brightest bulb in the box, but then this Twitter post showed up on Tuesday (October 18) and what was once thought scary now seems even more horrific. Nicole Polizzi tweeted:

Beautiful weather in el ay! Layin out ?

Where on Earth is ‘el ay’ Snooki? Is she kidding? Has the time in the tanning booth really shrunken her brain to the size of a raisin? Look, she has been filmed ‘humping’ a plant and face planting herself into the sand while being a bit intoxicated, but ‘el ay’ instead of L.A.?

One of three things has happened here. Benefit of the doubt may say that she was just trying to be silly in her own Guidette sort of way. Two, she really could have mistyped and meant to say ‘L.A.’ or perhaps the worst case scenario….Snooki really is dumber than we all thought, unable to spell a two-letter word. Here’s a three-letter word for her…”wow.”

And for the record… 18 hours earlier, she spelled it the same way…perhaps this is how they spell L.A. in New Jersey:

Just chillannn in el ay ?

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