Snooki Gets Butt Kicked Thanks to Baby Lorenzo

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Nicole ‘Snooki’ Polizzi just got her butt kicked and it was her baby Lorenzo’s fault! Nicole may be a little sore after this ass kicking, but she shouldn’t be black and blue!

The Jersey Shore star took to Twitter on Saturday to talk about her morning workout. The guidette tweeted, “OMG just got my ass kicked a the gym! Now cardio -____- FML.”

Good for her, getting up on a Saturday and working out at the gym. Polizzi is putting in the hard work, trying to regain her pre-baby body. Snooki had lost a considerable amount of weight before getting pregnant with baby Lorenzo. Now she is fighting hard to get back to where she was. From the sound of things, Nicole is putting in a nice mix of weight training and cardio to get back in shape. Of course, Polizzi could have just asked Jessica Simpson what she did to lose her weight so quickly… maybe even gotten her a discount at Weight Watchers of something!

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