Snooki Getting Punched in Jersey Shore Fight Video

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Snooki getting punched in the Jersey Shore fight seems to be the typical follow up to an article like Jersey Shore drinking game rules.  Snooki getting punched in a Jersey Shore fight was truly shocking.  Nobody believes Snooki getting punched actually happened right in front of their eyes!

Jersey Shore is rumored to depict Italian-Americans in a negative light with “guidos” and “guidettes”.  They were already being boycotted by Domino’s Pizza (not really Italian pizza as far as I’m concerned – their Brooklyn style leaves plenty to be desired).  Anyhow, a clip was shown of Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi being punched right in the face by a man.

The fellow who punched Snooki is actually from New York City.  As a New Yorker, why doesn’t that surprise me? Anyhow, on Inside Edition last night the guy was announced to be Lou Ferro.  He’s a gym teacher at a Queens, NY school.  Would you want him teaching gym to your kids?

It seems MTV ultimately decided not to air the Jersey Shore fight episode with Snooki getting punched.  Should they have aired it with a message about domestic violence?  Or would this show just encourage domestic violence rather than send a positive message? 

As a survivor of domestic violence, I was upset by the scene.  I think it was a good idea not to air the episode with Snooki getting punched.  What do you think?

Here is the footage from YouTube of the Jersey Shore fight and Snooki getting punched: 

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