Snooki Gives Birth to a Baby Boy Named Lorenzo: What Will His Jersey Nickname Be?

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Snooki has given birth to a bouncing baby boy named Lorenzo Dominic LaValle.

Nicole Polizzi and Jionni LaValle welcomed him to the world around 3 a.m. on Sunday, and the 6 lbs, 5 oz. tater tot is reportedly doing fine.

It’s a little sad that Nicole didn’t change her mind and decide to give her little meatball a crazy celeb name at the last minute. She could have named him Vlassic after her favorite salty treats, or she could have been inspired by the name of her favorite drink—she loved the Scooby Snack so much that it was renamed in her honor.

Luckily every good guido and guidette gets a Jersey-fied nickname, so surely Snooki will come up with something more creative than “Enzo.” Obviously Scooby would be an option, but since Lorenzo is a late addition to the Jersey Shore family, maybe Scrappy Roo would be a better choice. Snooks and Jionni better get busy coming up with something fast since their little guy could be the next big baby reality show star (watch out, Mason Disick!).

Fans will definitely want to see Nicole Polizzi’s adventures in motherhood—will her baby’s first words (or rather letters) be “GTL?” And how will she feel about dealing with PPP (poop, pee, and puke)? As her adventures on the Jersey Shore have shown, she seems to have plenty of experience dealing with bodily fluids. But Snooks will probably be jealous of Enzo’s diapers—she probably wishes that she could rock a nappy with her short leopard print skirts since she seems to wet herself almost as much as a baby does.

If Enzo is particularly prone to spitting up, perhaps soon Uncle Situation will get a chance to proclaim, “We’ve got a regurgitation here.”

So what will the future hold for little Scrappy Roo? Will the world get to see Snooks dress the baby up in leopard print onesies or complain about how pale he looks? Will she hire a nanny so that she can go back to flashing where her baby came from at clubs? Or will she decide that doesn’t want Enzo to grow up in the spotlight? What do you think?

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