Snooki Hasn’t Moved Into Her Shore House Yet; Remains With Her Roommates

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Snooki, whose real name is Nicole Polizzi, has been claiming for months that she would not be living with her Jersey Shore co-stars during filming of season 6 because “that house is no place for a pregnant woman.” However, it seems as though she’s had a change of heart.

Yesterday afternoon, Polizzi was spotted moving into the shore house with the rest of the cast. ”She hasn’t moved next door yet,” Wetpaint‘s insider explains. “When she arrived yesterday, all her bags – she had about 20 – were taken into the Shore house.”

MTV was reportedly unhappy with her decision to live away from the rest of the gang. Have they convinced her to try it out for a few days and play it by ear?

“I’m sure it will be a plot point on the show,” the insider adds. “She’s in there for now, but sooner or later she’ll decide she can’t take living in the house and she’ll pack her things and move next door.” Spoiler alert!

Fans are sure to have access to plenty of photos along the way, so if and when Snooki moves, it is sure to be public knowledge.

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