‘Snooki & JWoww’ Recap ‘My Baby Is Boring!’ on MTV

Snooki & JWoww moved to Jersey City in an old firehouse. Snookie is engaged to Jionni and pregnant with their first baby and Jenni and Roger continue to have a rocky relationship.

The episode opens with Jenni and Roger looking for a place to go for breakfast. Then Jenni and Nicole go to the puppy place where Nicole is volunteering. Jenni leaves Nicole there and goes to eat with Roger. Here they talk about their lives and Nicole stays at the puppy place and proceeds to dye one of Jenni’s pups purple.

Jenni goes online and finds a place to order fake babies and wants to buy one for Nicole to practice on and surprise her. She walks in while Jenni is talking to the customer service, and asks Nicole to leave for a few minutes. Nicole knows that it is a surprise for her and agrees. Jenni orders two babies and wants one for herself to give Nicole moral support.

When Jenni and Nicole pick up the dogs, Jenni cannot believe that she have one purple and one pink dog. They are her babies, and she loves them anyway.

The doorbell rings and a big package comes for the women, it is the two babies. Nicole takes the boy and examines him to find that he is anatomically correct. The babies do nothing for a while and Nicole feels that her baby is boring. Finally they start crying and need to be changed and fed. Soon the babies are crying at all hours.

Tonight, they are having a gay celebration at a gay bar and they have three friends all named Joey who are gay. They bring the babies to the bar and have lots of help taking care of the babies until they arrive home.

The next day Snooki & JWoww go to have an ultrasound and find out the sex of the baby and finds out that the baby is a boy, just like the one Nicole took from the fake baby box.

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