Snooki: Nicole Polizzi Pregnant and in Pain!

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As Nicole ‘Snooki’ Polizzi continues her journey through pregnancy, one had to expect at some point for the Jersey Shore star to start complaining about a little pain. On Tuesday, Polizzi used pain as an excuse to promote a product!

Considering that she has insisted on continuing to be a slave to fashion, it is hardly a surprise when she makes Twitter posts like this one. “My back and feet hurt waaaa ?#pregnantproblems? @snookislippers to the rescue!!”

Of course, as all good reality television stars should do, Nicole turned a negative into a positive and pimped out her brand of slippers. Yep, this seemed like as good of a time as any to lose the platform heels and slip into something a bit more comfortable, fuzzy, and fun, right?

Clearly she has an audience for tweets like this one, right? Snooki may be in a little pain thanks to being pregnant, but at least she has an endless supply of slippers to stay comfortable in!

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