Snooki Nude Leaked Photos Ignored on Twitter by Nicole Polizzi, Promotes JWoww Show

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While Snooki nude leaked photos have become a hot search topic online, it hasn’t been much of a topic on Twitter for Nicole Polizzi. The MTV’s “Jersey Shore” star appears to be doing promotional work via the site, rather than any sort of “image repair.”

The naked images of Polizzi were leaked last week, leading to an increase in searches for the pre-pregnancy reality star showing off her bare body. The pics show Nicole with a white bathrobe on and open, to reveal her naked body. However, it appears Polizzi is leaving comments about them to her rep for now.

Instead, the reality star is promoting her new series with friend JWoww to fans on Twitter. Polizzi has tweeted to answer a fan’s comment:

“I am too! ‘@evansuxx: counting down the days til june 21st for @snooki and @JENNIWOWW new show <3 cant wait!'”

She also has answered fans asking when the show premieres (June 21st), and told another male fan about buying her book:

“If you want her to love you lol ‘@OfficialJay19: @snooki is wondering if I should buy your book for my fiancée @Jodiemcivorx'”

So it’s promotion all around for Snooki, even with leaked photos in the nude circulating the internet. Then again, those are probably the best kind of promotion for celebrities, as they put them into the spotlight. Someone once said there’s no such thing as bad publicity, although that depends on how viewers rate seeing the “Jersey Shore” star naked!

Nonetheless, it shows that life goes on for Nicole Polizzi as she prepares for new endeavors, including her first baby’s birth, marriage to Jionne Lavalle, and of course the “Snooki & JWoww” reality series. Like all smart celebs, she’ll let the people she pays do the publicity and “image repair” work, if it’s really necessary.

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