Snooki Partners with HSN to Sell New Perfume (Video)

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Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi, the official train wreck of the Jersey Shore, has somehow managed to secure a deal with HSN (Home Shopping Network) to distribute her line of slippers, sunglasses, a collection of cheap-looking tacky handbags, the classic green Crocodilly stuffed animal and a signature fragrance. The slippers and handbags have already been out for awhile, but the perfume is brand new.

On the HSN show, an enthusiastic Snooki described her new scent by saying, “it’s tacky, it’s gaudy, it’s just gorgeous and it smells phenomenal. You can rock my perfume no matter what age you are.” She tried to encourage people to buy it as a Christmas gift, but she struggled over how to pronounce the word, “stocking stuffer.” First, she said “stoffing sucker.” She caught herself and tried a few more pronunciations before getting it right and she blamed the fumble on her excitement for being on the show. She recovered by demonstrating a perfume spritzing technique to the host of the HSN program that allows the perfume sprayer to get full-body scented coverage. It involves a body swivel, an s-shaped stream of spray and a move called, “walking through the door.”


Snooki’s HSN Success

Surprisingly, almost all the gear was sold out by the end of the program. The only items left for purchase on the HSN web site are a small collection of handbags. A couple of slipper styles are still left at, however. They look like giant, fluffy ugly sneakers in pastel colors and animal print covered in cheap-looking fabric. They feature a “no-tear” bottom so you could theoretically wear them outdoors. Snook in fact encourages this, especially after a “hard day at work.” As if she has any idea what that means.

The Snooki Perfume

The perfume is also sold out, but the 3.3 ounce pink and purple leopard and zebra print bottle will be available for purchase on Black Friday at Perfumania for $45. According to Miss Polizzi, the fragrance has kiwi notes that represent her fun side and hints of “beach flower” to symbolize her love of tanning.

Seriously, who buys this stuff?

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