Snooki Pregnant 2012: Comedian Lisa Lampanelli Makes Casey Anthony Twitter Joke

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As the Snooki pregnant 2012 news is all the rage, daytime or late night show hosts, random fans, and raunchy comedians are all getting their best jokes out there. The latest to toss a comedic jab towards the “Jersey Shore” star is comedienne Lisa Lampanelli. She’s gone as far as to reference Lindsay Lohan’s mother and Casey Anthony in recent joke by tweet.

Lampanelli is mostly famous for her stand-up comedy and appearances on various roasts on The Comedy Network. She’s bashed everyone from Bob Saget to Flavor Flav and William Shatner. Normally her brand of humor is not for everyone, as it’s been known to be over-the-top in terms of the references she makes.

Lampanelli’s latest joke involving Snooki’s pregnancy is no different. She brings in a few infamous mother references to rate Snooki’s potential as a mom. Lampanelli tweeted:

“Snooki’s ex-bf says he hopes she has a miscarriage. On a mom scale of 1 to Casey Anthony I think she could be a solid Dina Lohan!”

As noted above, Lisa’s comedy isn’t for everyone, and there are some in the Twitter comments who make that known. Some believe that Casey Anthony murdered her own child and got away with it, so having Snooki in the same sentence is a burn for sure.

At the joke’s core though, Lampanelli is joking that Snooki might not make the best mother. There may be others out there sharing her opinion, but it’s always possible having a child could really help mature the “Jersey Shore” star. Then again, it will probably result in a new MTV spinoff show for Nicole Polizzi, her boyfriend, and baby Snooki, exposing the newborn to the pitfalls of reality TV before she’s even speaking!

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