Snooki Pregnant 2012: Receives Baby Congratulations and Photo Drawing About Jionni Lavalle

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The Snooki pregnant 2012 updates continue, as Nicole Polizzi responds to friends and fans on Twitter. Recently, the “Jersey Shore” mom-to-be received congratulations on her baby, and also a drawing made by a fan proclaiming Nicole’s love for Jionni.

With the reality TV star expecting her first child in 2012, fans are wishing her well with the new experience. One fan also expressed how much she loves one of Snooki’s products. The recent tweet response read:

“Thanks babe! =) “@luggy1999: @snooki love ur perfume spells really good and congrats on your bundle of joy :)”

That tweet included a picture of one of Snooki’s fans giving the thumbs up next to a promotional stand up cutout of Nicole Polizzi holding up her perfume. Another fan gave Polizzi a personal drawing they made of her, with the words “I love Jionni” written above it. Snooki retweeted and responded with:

“Nailed it. =) @Nadineismehey: @snooki draw something! <3 you!!”

It’s good to see that Nicole Polizzi uses Twitter to not only promote, but also respond to fans. There’s plenty of celebs out there who just use Twitter for the one purpose, to sell themselves and products. With a baby on the way, Snooki is embracing the love from her fans, because they’ve helped her gain the fame she has today!

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