Snooki Pregnant Jokes Continue on Twitter Over ‘Jersey Shore’ Star

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With Snooki pregnant, it seems there’s plenty of others looking to get some spotlight. That includes comedienne Lisa Lampanelli who has made several Twitter jokes referring to the star’s impending pregnancy, which now include one of Polizzi’s famous co-stars on her hit MTV reality show.

A previous Snooki pregnancy joke talked about Casey Anthony and Dina Lohan, as infamous mothers compared to Snooki. The latest comment on the microblogging site from Lampanelli not only targeted Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi’s situation but also her co-star, “The Situation.” Lampanelli is familiar with the Jersey Shore star’s attempt at, or lack of, humor from a previous roast of Donald Trump.

Her follow-up joke on Twitter read:

“I’d never wish a miscarriage on Snooki! If I wanna see a ‘Jersey Shore’ miscarriage, I’ll watch The Situation try to roast Trump again!”

That joke comment comes after she had made a previous joke regarding how Snooki’s ex-bf suggested he hoped the reality TV star would have a miscarriage. Apparently Lampanelli responded to an angry fan too, as she tweeted before her second joke:

“@dontbefnserious He said it. Not me. Look it up.”

That said she does have a point about The Situation. Those who saw him try to roast Trump on Comedy Central realize he has no comedic skills unless it involves accidental humor on Jersey Shore. However, does it seem that Lampanelli might not be giving Snooki much of a chane to prove her worth as a mother? Or are the comedienne’s remarks accurate? Is she just doing this to try to gain more followers on the Twitter site?

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