Snooki Pregnant: Potty Mouth and Bad Health Concerns for Baby!

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When Nicole ‘Snooki’ Polizzi got pregnant, the world collectively began to question the Jersey Shore star. Is Polizzi fit to be a mother with her propensity for foul language? Even more important, is Nicole’s health good enough to have a baby?

Nicole Polizzi has taken plenty of ridicule from fans via Twitter pretty much every time she mentions the baby. While many of Nicole’s fans are supportive of the guidette, many others use Twitter to take shots at the reality television star. The thing is, Nicole tends to defend herself and start in with the language. She has even threatened to “hurt a b****,” if they had nasty things to say to her. Nice, that is really classy. Plus, can’t the unborn child hear this mess.

That’s right there are studies suggesting that infants pick-up “elements” of the language that they hear and can even “memorize” sounds in the final trimester. Does this mean, Snooki’s baby will be cursing the minute that it leaves the womb? No, but it can mean that the child may have the propensity to curse like a sailor at a young age.

Add to this concerns that Nicole lost a ton of weight right before she got pregnant, fueling speculation that she has an eating disorder. Whether that is true or not is between Polizzi and her doctor, but suffice it to say, crazy weight fluctuations don’t help the baby.

Does Nicole’s baby have a fighting chance? Sure, but the concern is still there. Not just about Snooki being a good mother, but about her having a healthy baby at all. This should be a wild few months, that’s for sure.

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