Snooki Pregnant: Talks about Daylight Saving Time 2012 on Twitter

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As Snooki pregnant news and gossip continues about the Jersey Shore celeb, the reality TV star was recently on Twitter discussing her weekend. That includes a bit of a rant about the upcoming Daylight Saving Time 2012!

There’s no time like the weekend to kick back, relax, and in the case of Jersey Shore stars, party it up! A pregnant Snooki might not be doing so much of the latter as she wants to make sure her baby is born healthy. However, Nicole Polizzi may be using the weekend to catch up on very important sleep. She tweeted on Saturday:

“The weekend is finally here! xoxo”

That excitement turned to some disappointment for Snooki as she must have realized what was coming this weekend. She followed up with:

“Seriously….we lose an hour of sleep this weekend. Tell me its not so……:( #crickets”

Sorry, but it’s so, Snooki! She and many of her biggest fans will want to make sure they get those clocks set just right, because on Thursday the Jersey Shore season finale arrives. MTV has reminded fans it will air at 10PM EST, so make sure to move those clocks, DVR’s and other time-keeping devices to the right time!

As for Snooki, hopefully she finds a way to make due with the change and get some quality sleep for the sake of her health and her child’s!

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