Snooki Pregnant? Why Nicole Polizzi Lied About Baby Bump

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It seems that Snooki is pregnant even though she lied about her pregnancy twice this month. Why did Nicole Polizzi not reveal the truth about her growing baby bump?

Snooki Pregnant? Why Nicole Polizzi Lied About Baby BumpIt seems that Snooki did not want to jinx herself and the growing baby. The Jersey Shore star takes the whole “wait three months” thing seriously according to TMZ. So that is why she denied the pregnancy on February 1 on Sirius and again on Good Morning America later this month. Many expectant moms do the same thing trying to keep the good news mum for the first trimester.

Of course, if she waited the first trimester, there is a very good chance that Nicole Polizzi is at least three months along with the baby that everybody assumes belongs to her and her boyfriend Jionni LaValle. This is going to make the new Jersey Shore season as well as her JWoww spinoff interesting to say the least.

Do you think that Snooki will be a good mom? After watching her on TV for several seasons, it is hard to imagine, but perhaps she will settle down and surprise everybody. What do you think?

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