Snooki Showing Baby Bump? No Way!

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Does The Jersey Shore’s Snooki already have a baby bump showing? Of course she doesn’t. She’s not that far along yet. Why does speculation run rampant about pregnant celebrities showing baby bumps when some of them have just learned that they’re pregnant?

According to a report from Hollywood Life, the Jersey Shore star was spotted “showing off her mini baby bump.” Shortly thereafter, the celebrity news publication admits Snookithat it’s too soon for her to be showing. Is there some kind of incredible rush on celebrity pregnancies where fans need to see proof of the impending birth within days of conception?

It seems the little guidette was walking through the Jersey City streets with JWoww. The two were shooting scenes for their upcoming reality show–a Jersey Shore spinoff called JWoww vs. The World, when Snooki and her mini baby bump were spotted.

Nicole Polizzi–the celebrity’s real name–just announced officially a week ago that she is expecting. She isn’t showing whatsoever yet. The comment about the mini baby bump is somehow justified by a statement that says she looked “plumper yesterday than she has lately.”

Snooki could look plumper because of water retention. She could have eaten a huge meal. She might even be bloated and have a major case of gas. What she doesn’t have, however, is a baby bump–at least not yet. It will likely be several weeks before the Jersey Shore mama-to-be is showing in the least.

What do you think this need for an instant baby bump is all about, with regard to expectant celebrities? Is it excitement on behalf of fans or is it just something to take up space in the tabloids and celebrity magazines?

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