Snooki Stuck in Traffic in New Car

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Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi traded in her BMW for a new car and promptly got stuck in traffic. Someone should remind the Jersey Shore star not to Tweet and drive. Nicole took to Twitter to offer a goodbye to her old car, comment on her new car, and mention that Friday drive-time traffic is lousy, especially outside of New York City.

Bye beamer, my poor frankie, love you always! on TwitpicSnooki tweeted about her new vehicle (though at this point she hasn’t admitted to what type of car she has):

OMG my new car is DOPE! Soupeddddd vroom vroom !!

Just incase someone was wondering “soupeddddd” most likely is the Jersey Shore‘s pint-sized butterball’s way of saying “stupid.” She certainly has a way with words, doesn’t she? She then decided that it was proper to give her old car a farewell wish:

Bye beamer, my poor frankie, love you always! (sic)

It really is not too rare that Pollizi named her car… and Frankie seems to be as good a name as any for BMW fit for a guidette.

Of course, when Snooki took her new car out for a spin, she was quick to be upset with Long Island traffic. Nicole decided that is was quite alright to Tweet and drive so she could exclaim her extreme dislike of the situation (not Mike “The Situation,” just the traffic) to her now over 3 million Twitter followers:

Long island traffic is beyond terrible.

Hopefully she doesn’t mow down any police like she did in Italy because she is texting and driving. Plus, of course the traffic is terrible… what was the Jersey Shore star to expect?

(Photo: Nicole Polizzi via twitpic)

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