Snooki Too Tan? Photo Reveals Hot Orange Mess

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Nicole ‘Snooki’ Polizzi took to Twitter to show off her new spray-on tan. What she revealed may be better suited for an advertisement for citrus growers. Has the ‘Jersey Show’ guidette gone too far with her tanning habits? Has she gone too far?

It has been no secret that Snooki looks up to Kim Kardashian. She has started to cut her hair like her reality television idol, and now that Kim has married Kris Humphries, perhaps the ‘Jersey Shore’ butterball wants in on a little NBA action.

Snook posted this tweet, accompanied by a photograph where she appears to be the color of the basketball itself. That’s right, Nicole has gone all NBA and painted herself orange. Of course being the color of a basketball is a far cry from marrying a basketball player, but at least Polizzi is trying:

Feelin rather tan tonight =)

Does she really think this looks good? Polizzi’s Twitter followers gave responses ranging from ‘gross’ to ‘lookin good Snooks.’ Really? Lookin’ good? Perhaps she looks good if she was planning to dress as a giant orange for Halloween!

It is difficult to understand what goes though Nicole Polizzi’s head sometimes. Many would argue little to nothing. Judging from the twitpic, at least one person helping keep her local spray-on tan salon open! If Snooki wants orange, then orange she will be…one Hot Orange Mess!

Feelin rather tan tonight =) on Twitpic

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