Snooki Uses Cat Litter on Her Face – Is That the Problem?

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Snooki recently said that her beauty secret is cat litter. Fans are shocked to hear she would even use this at all. Why would she do that and does it really help her?

Recently, she was on the show ‘Conan with Conan O’Brien’ and started talking about her beauty secrets. She has recently lost a lot of weight which fans do have to admit looks great on her, but her face has never been a fan favorite. Many people have talked about her orange look from tanning, but do you know what else she puts on her face?

Snooki said that she uses cat litter on her face. Yes, you read that right. She spreads it all over her face because it includes rocks and can help exfoliate. Why not just go get some rocks off the driveway? Has she ever heard of beauty masks or cleaners that are made to exfoliate? She can obviously afford them. What do you think of Snooki’s crazy beauty idea?

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