Snooki Wants Donald Trump for President: Why on Earth Would She Support Him?

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Snooki has endorsed Donald Trump for president. So what does she like about the guy who isn’t even running anymore?

The Donald might be kicking himself for dropping out of the GOP race so soon—Republicans have been rather reluctant to settle for Mitt Romney, so perhaps he would have had a real shot at winning the GOP nomination. Trump has since dumped the Republican Party in an attempt to make headlines again, and there’s still a chance he could get a little more free publicity out of the presidential race—he could consider running as a third-party candidate just for Snooks.

The Jersey Shore star previously bashed Barack Obama for putting a ten percent tax on tanning, and during an interview with The Huffington Post, she expressed her disdain for the current field of GOP candidates. But here’s what Snooki said about the one man she would endorse: “I thought Trump was gonna run. But he’s not, right? I would endorse him and vote for him.”

So why would she support Donald Trump? It’s not hard to guess why she’d be a fan of the man—he’s obviously a fan of tanning himself; he also has a famous poofy hairdo; he also appears on reality TV; and he makes loads of money just like the Snookster does (they’re both part of the one percent, a.k.a. “job creators”). So basically, he’s the only candidate who could possibly understand the needs of all the other Snookis out there.

If Donald Trump did run, his famous “You’re fired!” phrase might help take some of the attention away from Mitt Romney’s comment that he likes being able to fire people, and maybe he could make Snooks his campaign manager (Jersey Shore won’t be around forever, after all, so she’s got to have a job to fall back on).

So do you think the Donald should liven up the GOP race by running as a third-party candidate? He could start “The Tanning Tax is Too Damn High” party in honor of his biggest campaign contributor. Just imagine the campaign ads that Snooki’s Super PAC could come up with! Then again, she’d probably think “Super PAC” is the name of a store that sells beach wear.

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