Snooki Wants Her Baby on Reality TV

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Snooki has made one heck of a living off her reality TV career. Not only does she make millions for each season of Jersey Shore, she’s written books and sells everything from slippers to soda! Now, she wants her baby to join the family business!

Once she gives birth, she’d love to continue her reality TV reign and show fans “how it is, my every day life. Me being a mom, being a wife, and all that stuff.” That would sure be an interesting change for viewers who are used to seeing her drunk and “hooking up” at nightclubs!

How does her fiancé and baby daddy Jionni LaValle feel about her reality TV plan for their child? Snooki doesn’t say, but Jionni isn’t a big fan of the cameras, so it’s likely that he won’t be thrilled with the idea.

Snooki admits, “I also have to talk to Jionni about it because it’s his decision too, so we’ll see.”

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