Snookie Booed in Philadelphia

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Snookie might not be loved by Philadelphia’s Wing Bowl fans, but she is loved by MTV fans.  Jersey Shore’s Nicole Polizzi better known as Snooki, is loved by most but hated by Philadelphia fans when she went to the annual eating contest in Philadelphia.  When Snooki hit the floor at the Wachovia Center and appeared on the big screen the crowd was more than nasty with a bunch of boos headed right for Snookie’s big head of hair.  Snookie took it in stride, and just kept keeping on.  Snookie took the Bull by the horns and though she was booed she seemed to love the publicity.  Snookie can ride the bull, through the bull, and take the bull by the horns.  Show ‘em Snookie.

Snookie is known as the Princess of Poughkeepsie, but she’s not loved in Philadelphia.  However, MTV loves Snookie and loves the show, “The Jersey Shore.” As it is set to run again for another season.

What do they not love about the pint sized loud mouth?

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