‘Snookie & JWoww Best Friends Forever’ Recap on MTV

“Snookie & JWoww Best Friends Forever” is a prelude to the new series that fans of “Jersey Shore” have been waiting for. Ever since, Nicole “Snookie” Polizzi became a name that even the people who do not watch the show recognize. She has been the topic of conversation on nearly every news and talk show on television. Now she is joining with her best friend Jenni Farley aka JWoww in their own apartment in Jersey City, New Jersey.

This episode using flashbacks gives fans the evolution into the friendship of these two party girls and how they came to be known as BFFs or best friends forever. Through their one night stands, drunken escapades, and wild goings-on in the shore house, Miami, and Italy, one thing has remained true: their friendship.

As the episode opens in 2010 during the spring in Miami, Snookie answers the phone to hear that her then boyfriend Emilio tells her he had sex with another girl. Jennie was there for her, she never liked the guy, and comforted her best friend when her heart was broken, and as Snookie burned his pictures, the BFFs could go on to better things.

In the Summer of 2010, back at the shore as the club was about to close and her fellow roommates all had someone to bring back home; Snookie found Jionni and did not even know his name, but the chemistry was there. Jenni found her old friend Roger and their friendship grew as the relationship with her then boyfriend waned. She found Roger’s company more enjoyable than his, and when Roger asked Jenni to be his exclusive girlfriend, Snookie was there for her too.

When they were packing to go to Italy in the spring of 2011, Snookie and Jionni were only together for about seven months, and she promised him that she would be good. Then she found out that Jionni was coming to Italy to be with her and she could not contain her excitement. They went to bed upon his arrival and later went clubbing. During her dancing, she exposed herself on the dance floor in her drunken state, and Gianni walked out on her. She chased him through the streets of Italy begging him to come back. That night she sought solace in Vinnie’s bed and the next day made up with Gianni. Jenni was the voice of reason for Snookie, and although they fight, they are BFFs.

In the summer of 2011, back at the shore house, Snookie and Jionni were back together and Jenni and Roger were still together, but Jenni’s insecurities were hurting their relationship.

Now “Snookie & JWoww” will be living in downtown Jersey City together, Snookie is pregnant and engaged, and Jenni is still with Roger, but will life be a series of ups and downs for these two best friends? Tune in on Thursday nights on MTV and see for yourself!

Photo of Snookie & JWoww with two fans: Flickr

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