Snookie Punch and Domino’s Delivers

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The Snookie punch scene on MTV’s “Jersey Shore” was the talk of this week.  We explored “Was Snookie Punched in Jersey Shore Episode 4 Online?“  The Snookie punch from a man in a bar scandalized everyone.

The guy responsible for the Snookie punch is Brad Ferro, a gym teacher from New York.  After the Snookie punch, the petite girl was seen laying on the floor with her face in her hands.  Latest word says the police put Brad behind bars for the Snookie punch that left her sprawled on the floor.

While the Snookie punch scene attracts even more attention to Jersey Shore, sponsors like Domino’s Pizza are cutting out.  Domino’s aired one of their commercials during the December 3 premiere of “Jersey Shore” but then decided not to sponsor this controversial television show about Italian-Americans sharing a house.

Was it the Snookie punch scene or something else? Tim McIntyre, rep for Domino’s, said its third party media buyer revies the show and told MTV, “the content wasn’t right for Domino’s.”

Brandweek reports McIntyre (a nice Italian name?) said, “The request to keep our spots from future episodes took place in the morning, well before we received any complaints or inquiries from anyone.  We have no issue with MTV, and we haven’t pulled our advertising from the network. We just don’t want to be on that particular show.”

Since this happened before the release of the Jersey Shore punch clip featuring the Snookie punch, it might have something to do with “guidos” and “guidettes”.  Either way, Domino’s is still trying to be more authentic.

In the middle of the Snow Storm East Coast – State of Emergency, I decided to order Domino’s Pizza.  We were decorating and dealing with a family crisis, so pizza was the perfect dinner.  The driver trudged over with our pizza and chicken parm heroes.  I noticed the box read:

“Domino’s New Pizza.  50 Years in the Making.  Our hand-tossed pizza is new.  It’s not a slightly altered version of the old pizza.  It’s not the same old product in a fancy new wrapper.  It’s a completely new pizza from the crust up.  And we’re pretty doggone proud of it.  Because while it doesn’t take long for you to get one, it’s taken us 50 years to create a pizza of this perfectitude.  Fifty years worth of listening to feedback, tasting cheeses, crafting sauces and trying every possible combination of combinations we can think of.  So what’s new about it?  For starters, everything: our cheese made with 100% real mozzarella and flavored with just a hint of provolone.  Our sauce with a dose of spicy red pepper to put a spring in your step.  And our garlic-seasoned crust with a rich, buttery taste.  Now you may be wondering, is this really different? Will it be as good as they say? Is ‘perfectitude’ really a word?  Well, there’s only one way to find out.  Take a bite.  Then if someone asks if we really abandoned our old recipe and completely revamped our pizza, you can tell ‘em…oh yes we did.”

Alright, maybe it’s me but I can’t taste a difference.  The biggest change was I felt much more thirsty after eating this Domino’s pizza.  Could it be those red peppers?

I guess I’m spoiled.  I grew up on Brooklyn pizza and this stuff just doesn’t make the grade.  It’s great in the middle of a blizzard when you can’t get to the real pizzeria.  Otherwise, I’ll stick to real Italian pizza and real guidos and guidettes on the Jersey Shore…

With the Snookie punch and Domino’s Pizza in mind, let check out YouTube video footage of the MTV Jersey Shore Commercial 2 and a Domino’s Pizza commercial from 1989:


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