Snooki’s Baby Lorenzo Reaches Milestone!

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Snooki’s baby, Lorenzo is now one week old! Let that sink-in for a moment. Nicole Polizzi’s baby has survived this world and his ‘Jersey Shore’ mother for an entire week.

Of course, Nicole took to Twitter to announce the news tweeting, “Lorenzo’s one week old!!!! Weeeee.” Well, congrats to Jionni and Snook, for their little bundle of joy making it an entire week.

Speaking of “Weeee,” Snooki did admit late Saturday night that the “real” baby Lorenzo is easier to take care of than the “fake” baby Lorenzo that the guidette pushed around in a stroller to teach herself a little responsibility. She also admitted that little Lorenzo, “just peed and pooped on us while we were changing his diaper. #amazing.”

Talk about a surprise for Nicole and Jionni. It is hardly a shock though, these are the kind of things that one-year-olds are known to do. One thing is for sure, it will certainly be a good story down the road at some family event, right?!

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