Snooki’s Weight Loss before ‘Jersey Shore’ Goes to Italy

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Snooki has revealed dramatic weight loss in advance of the cast of Jersey Shore going to film the next season in Italy. How did she do it?

Snooki's Weight Loss Before 'Jersey Shore' Goes to ItalySnooki is shrinking because she’s been hitting the gym and losing weight the old fashioned way. There doesn’t appear to be any fad diets associated with her amazing weight loss. She does have a trainer at the gym though.

She has been keeping her Twitter followers in the loop by Tweeting about her new habits. Snooki Tweeted, “Water is my new best friend #dieting.” She also Tweeted, “#beastmode at the gym with @Ryder__ !!! Raaaa.” She is obviously really working hard.

It really looks like Snooki has found something that is working well for her at the gym. It sounds like she is doing this the healthy way after she has overcome her struggles with both anorexia and bulimia. It’s so great that the 23-year-old is having weight loss success. Hopefully, heading to Italy will not derail Snooki’s weight loss efforts.

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