Snoop Dogg Cheated with Ice T’s Wife, Coco, Insinuates Media Take Out

Media Take Out is insinuating that Snoop Dogg may have had an affair with Ice T’s wife, Coco. Oh boy, could it be true? Well, according to the tabloid site, Coco and Snoop got caught communicating with each other via Twitter and other means. However, Ice T wasn’t convinced that the texts were merely friendly in nature so he made his wife stop. That’s the end of that, right? Wrong.

A supposed prominent entertainment insider for the site stated, “But CoCo continued [communicating] with Snoop. And I think they met up a few times – without [Ice T]. It caused a problem in [their] marriage. But whatever happened, [Ice T and CoCo] got past it.”

However, it would be wise to take most claims by Media Take Out with a grain of salt even if the claim is extra juicy. The thought of Coco having an affair behind Ice T’s back with Snoop Dogg definitely qualifies as being extra juicy but fans will have to wait and see if any of the three address the tabloid site’s claims. Hopefully, they will soon.

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