Snoop Dogg Smokes Pot on Stage and Then Gives It to the Audience?!

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Snoop Dogg is no stranger to controversy, but this latest scandal is truly a doozy! Newly released photos show the rapper lighting up what may or may not be a marijuana-filled cigar on stage during a live performance. But wait, just wait, it gets worse: Pictures also show Snoop handing that cigar to someone in the crowd! And of course, there’s no proof that this actually is a pot-filled cigar, but really Dogg? Not the best idea.

In exclusive photos published by TMZ, Snoop Dogg can clearly be seen lighting up what looks like a small cigar. Is there pot in the cigar? That’s not clear, but another photo definitely shows Snoop passing this still-smoking blunt to audience members’ outstretched hands at the front of the stage. All of this went down during a show at the Tabernacle in downtown Atlanta recently. Would Snoop really be stupid enough to not only smoke weed in public – but then, to give it to his audience?!

Surely there’s a mistake, right? TMZ says Snoop Dogg’s reps didn’t return phone calls to them. Taking some time to think up a reasonable explanation, perhaps? Come on, Snoop: Drop it like it’s hot!

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