Snow Gives the United Kingdom a Winter Wonderland Look

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It is snowing like crazy in the  United Kingdom.   Northeast England and Eastern Scotland are getting hit the hardest.  With abnormally cold temperatures and a windy blast coming on Monday, things aren’t going to get much better.  Anywhere form 4 to 6 inches more are falling on the 16 inches already on the ground in those same areas.  Snow fall is the most they have received for this time of the year since 1993.

It is a little difficult to play soccer or run races in the snow; so many matches have been cancelled.  Police are asking folks to stay inside unless they have to go out.  Traffic accidents are mounting and with over 10,000 breakdowns, the roads are an awful mess. 

According to, the snow has shut down runways.  Freak lightning hit the radar at a Jersey airport.  It is much safer to stay inside and watch it from your window if you can.  If you must go out, be extremely careful.

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