‘Snow White & the Huntsman': Chicago Tribune Review

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Snow White &The Huntsman (in theaters June 1) has a lot of things going for it. The score by James Newton Howard and the song “Breath of Life” by Florence + The Machine are just two in a laundry list of elements that make this movie by first time British director Rupert Sanders worth the price of movie theater admission.

Surprisingly, ChicagoTribune film critic Michael Phillips also has a favorable opinion of the film. It’s easy to see why the movie won Phillips over. In addition to James Newton Howard’s (The Hunger Games) beautifully haunting score and Florence Welch’s equally beautiful vocals, the film also portrays the title heroine in a much more powerful and positively empowered feminist light than the watered down Disney classic version of the fairy tale.

Maybe the writers and director of the film have been talking to Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis, the creative geniuses behind ABC’s Once Upon A Time. The film like the series are both imaginative and entertaining, even though the movie puts a darker twist on the story, much closer to that of the original fairy tale.

According to the review, “The story elements going back to the early 19th century Brothers Grimm version remain present, with tweaks.”

And the movie is also really well cast. Not only does the film boast a talented cast that includes Oscar winner Charlize Theron and Kristen Stewart but Ian
McShane (HBO’s Deadwood) even plays one of the eight…yes eight dwarves.

And despite the fact that audiences are quick to write Stewart off as her one-dimensional character Bella Swan in The Twilight Saga, this young actress has serious talent. If you need further convincing watch her as Joan Jett in The Runaways or as a teenage prostitute in Meet The Rileys opposite Academy Award winner Melissa Leo. Phillips’s article is correct when it states, “Can Kristen Stewart act? Yes, she can…from the beginning, certainly from Into The Wild, onward, Stewart’s emotional honesty, and self-effacing, slightly wary charisma have served her well.”

But the ladies have to share the screen with Chris Hemsworth of The Avengers and Thor fame. Hemsworth plays The Huntsman, but his performance isn’t as dynamic as Jaime Dornan’s in the same role on Once Upon A Time.

If the name seems familiar it’s because he’s Liam Hemsworth’s (The Hunger Games) brother. Liam proved himself to be not only a better actor, but also better looking than his brother in his role as Gale. Granted he didn’t have to work very hard, thanks to Jennifer Lawrence’s flawless performance as Katniss. But much like his role in The Avengers, Hemsworth seems to be eye candy and muscle, and not much else.

But if Phillips is going to give the movie three stars, he probably shouldn’t have said that the movie was merely “better and more darkly imaginative than its
headache of a coming-attractions trailer suggests.”

Fans of modern fairy tales or adventure genre movies will probably Snow White & The Huntsman.

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