Snow White’s Back (GWE for WWE and ThuWE and ?)

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I hope I didn’t misunderstand these 3 challenges and I probably did, but, oh well, here goes.  The challenges were:   1)  Being misunderstood or misunderstanding and 2) A Fallen Traveler.”

I also thought one of the editors challenged us to write a partial piece with no ending.  Must have misunderstood.


I’ve fallen and I can’t get out of this hot, red devil filled place.  One of the devils was fiendishly grinning at me and told me that I should have listened to Snow White.  He told me that Snow White was trying to help me.  He said she said that if I did it, I would sin.  Then the devil said he’d find me a hot red dress.

I remembered back to the heist that I had carefully planned.  I had my favorite black nylons to put over my head, dug out my gun and had the getaway plan in place.  Then, in front of the cashier I gave her the demand note and pulled out my gun.  Her giggling made me angry and I shot at her.  Oops, forgot to fill it with water.  No matter, this heist would be successful because Snow White said that I would win.

Misunderstanding can lead to a great fall.  I know that now, because after that I ….

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