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So this year I will keep my list going but just the name of the books. You may always ask me about them. I would like that. As I have so many years now, I have started this list and then forgotten about it. And my list did over 50 this year and still reading.


26. House Atredies by Brian Herbert and Kevin J Anderson (1999) Science Fiction/space opera – The first of a prequel triolgy. (032912)

27. The Silent Girl by Tess Gerritsen (2011) – mystery/suspense – The ninth tale of the daring Boston Duo. (040312)

28. House Harkonnen by Brian Herbert/Kevin J. Anderson (2000)- Science Fiction/ space opera – The second in a prequel Dune series (041012)

29. House Corrinoby Brian Herbert/Kevin J. Anderson (2001) -Science Fiction/ space opera – The third prequel in this wonderful series about Dune. (041412)

30. Not Dead, Only Restingby Simon Brett (1984) – mystery/amateur detective- And for the tenth time murder finds Charles Paris. (041612)

31. The Bone Gardenby Tess Gerritsen (2007) – mystery- medical examiner Dr. Maura Isles is a secondary character in this two different era mysteries. ( 042512)

32. Helen Verdon’s Confession by R. Austin Freeman (1922) – detective mystery – the fifth case by Dr. Dr. John Thorndyke. (042612)

As you can see I found a space opera. It is excellent! Because of it I decided to find the original Dune series and reread it. Brian and Kevin do an incredible job of bringing back Dune.


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