So far reading this year for 2012 Update 8

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So this year I will keep my list going but just the name of the books. You may always ask me about them. I would like that. As I have so many years now, I have started this list and then forgotten about it. And my list is over 50 this year and still reading.


33. The Wizard’s DilemmabyDiane Duane (2000) – fantasy/youth – The fifth series of the young wizards. (043012)

34. Dead Giveaway by Simon Brett (1985) – mystery/amateur detective – 11 times and Charles Paris is still going. (050312)

35. A Wizard Alone by Diane Duane (2001) – fantasy/youth – The sixth and still holding my interest. (051012)

36. What Bloody Man is that?by Simon Brett (1987) – mystery/amateur detective – Twelve times, a murder. Twelve time Charles Paris solves it. (051512)

37. A Wizard’s Holidayby Diane Duane (2003) – fantasy/youth- Seven and still more to read. (051812)

38. Steve Jobsby Walter Isaacson (2011) – biography – An average, written book. Long and dragged a lot. (053012)

39. A Series of Murdersby Simon Brett (1989) – mystery/amateur detective – 13 isn’t unlucky for us Paris’s fans. (053112)

The Wizard series by Diane Duane I had read a few years ago. Trying to catch an finish that series. And I am loving Charles Paris, more and more. I just love to read a long series and there is 17 in this one.

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