So, Who Thinks Mrs. Eddie George Has a Chance on Survivor?

I was surprised this week to learn that one of the castaways on "Survivor: The Brazilian Highlands" is Taj Johnson-George, the wife of Heisman (or Heistman, as we call it) trophy winner and Tennessee Titan stand-out Eddie George. Taj has also made a name of her own with the R & B group, SMV. I must admit that I've never heard of the group.

Taj is proving to be one of the stronger competitors. She's a little older, so she's got some maturity and wisdom that's often missing from the young hot-shot tribe members. At the same time, she's very physical. In this week's basketball challenge, she was a big plus for her team.  She's not a dainty little player; she's got some size but it's all muscle! I was very impressed, but I was taken back by the fact that she revealed who her husband was to her tribemates so early on. What do her teammates think? There's no way we're letting her win a million dollars…she's married to Eddie George!

She's probably not in it for the money. I don't know why she's in it. Perhaps to prove she's a competitor in her own right. Perhaps it's to give her band exposure. Perhaps it's to prove something to herself and her parents. Maybe she just needed a break from Eddie and the kids. The previews show her forming an alliance and she's already formed a friendship with a member of the opposing tribe on exile island. She may not go that easy.

If she makes it to the final two, do you think the jury would automatically vote against her because she doesn't need the money?

(Curious as to why we call it the Heistman locally? Because it was stolen from Peyton Manning, the greatest college football player in history!)


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