‘So You Think You Can Dance’ 2012: Amelia and Will Are Black and White on July 25

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On So You Think You Can Dance just before the 9 o’clock hour, Amelia and Will did their thing while she wore black with white accents and he wore white with black accents. And those costumes established the tone of their dance.

But before their number was performed, these two talked about each other. Amelia revealed that she thinks Will would like to be part of a boy band because he sings whenever he’s not dancing and wherever he happens to be.

Meanwhile, Will talks about how Amelia keeps such a milky white complexion which shows literally no pigment. Apparently, this beauty who draws on the charm of the 1920s is always putting on intense amount of sunscreen so that no light gets through to her perfect skin.

And so, with those personal aspects of these good looking dancers given as insight into how each perceives the other, the SYTYCD pair take on a jazz routine choreographed by Mandy Moore to The Creatures hit called You!

The idea behind Moore’s dance is that opposites do attract, hence the costumes and the push and pull of the steps done during this rather off-beat routine. In fact, some of the movements are so far-fetched it’s hard to tell what the purpose is for doing them.

That said, while panting after such a rigorous performance, Amelia and Will listened to what Christina Applegate, guest judge for the evening, had to say. The former Married With Children star and accomplished dancer was all about these two hoofers. She called them “the dream team” and she said that Amelia and Will really fit together, doing so while making that pairing look effortless.

Nigel Lythgoe disagreed, saying simply that he “didn’t get it this week” while referring to this particular jazz number.

Then Mary Murphy chimed in, her words not so enthusiastic (or screechy) as usual. She said she was in the middle between what Christina thought and what Nigel thought. She said that the couple doing the dance were “great” but not as “strong” as when performing other numbers on previous weeks of So You Think You Can Dance.

And so, as Amelia and Will got mixed reviews while wearing black and white on July 25, these two performed a quirky Mandy Moore number that was loved by some while nearly loathed by others. Or so it seemed. But will they continue on after next week on SYTYCD 2012? Stay tuned.

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