‘So You Think You Can Dance’ 2012 Recap: Melanie Moore Returns on August 29

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On So You Think You Can Dance this week, the remaining contestants performed two numbers: One solo and one duet.

The latter routine was designed with a SYTYCD all-star in mind. That said, perhaps the most anticipated choreographed act was the one that had Cyrus Spencer paired with last year’s winner, Melanie Moore.

This all-star was warmly welcomed merely at the mention of her name so when it was time to witness her work once again, everyone attending the live show in Los Angeles was on alert. Even Nigel Lythgoe and Mary Murphy sat eagerly at the judges’ podium, as did sitcom actor (on Modern Family) and dance aficionado Jesse Tyler Ferguson.

The jazz routine by Mandy Moore (no relation to Melanie Moore) should have been tough to handle for an animator like Cyrus, but he proved to hold his own as he took part in a choreographed story about two hipsters out on the town, having some fun.

As is true of many of Mandy’s numbers, this one was quirky and seemed to suit both Melanie and Cyrus, who dueted like two old pros. Sure, the all-star was more in her comfort zone, but Spencer was a hoot as he did some exaggerated moves while exuding charisma if not as much technique as his partner. Together, these two nailed the fun-loving routine.

When asked what he thought, Jesse Tyler Ferguson compared Cyrus to Twitch and Legacy, saying that this dancer “will be synonymous with the show forever.”

Mary Murphy was all about the constant improvement she sees in Cyrus from week to week and Nigel Lythgoe mentioned that Spencer has never been in the bottom three since the So You Think You Can Dance 2012 voting began during the live shows.

Lythgoe’s point?

He put it succinctly, saying, “America must love you.” Then he pointed out that although Cyrus is not the best dancer on SYTYCD this season, this “was never about the best dancer” anyway.

Prior to his solo, Cyrus let the audience in on a little bit about his early life. He said that his father passed away when he was only ten but that his mom has always been there as his cheerleader.

And then this very entertaining dancer danced, pulling in the audience with his animation that would have cheered up even the most depressed fan. He was delightful, and at the end of the evening when the bottom two were asked to leave, he was asked to stay. Hooray!

That said, stay tuned to see more of Cyrus Spencer — who was lucky enough to be paired with SYTYCD champ Melanie Moore on Wednesday — when So You Think You Can Dance 2012 airs again next week with the top six in tow.

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