‘So You Think You Can Dance’ 2012 Recap: Who Was Sent Home on July 19?

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On So You Think You Can Dance this week, four very fine dancers were given the old heave-ho. So, while this was a tough time for these hoofers who had made it all the way to Hollywood and the top 20, the quartet asked to leave SYTYCD 2012 were good sports since each knew that this was the way the competition was played when they signed up for this gig.

That said, all the dancers left on this riveting reality talent show were stellar in their own particular way. So saying good-bye to anyone was hard to take not only for those who departed, but for those who had fallen in love with one, two, or all of the four. That meant judges, fans, and fellow dancers faced a difficult Wednesday night because the end revealed who was to continue on with their SYTYCD dancing and who was to stop dancing at that crucial point on FOX.

With that in mind, and just before So You Think You Can Dance was about to take its final bow last evening, Cat Deeley called each of the dancers in danger of leaving onto the stage. They all appeared from behind the curtain in their rehearsal clothes, obviously not eager for this moment.

In fact, to say that Janaya, Alexa. Witney, Nick, Daniel and Chehon were unnerved when their names were called is an understatement. And to realize that each may have to dance while being in this precarious territory during which time any slip-up could cost them this another shot at this contest was even more intense.

In one way, when Nigel Lythgoe said that the team of judges did not need to see anyone dance for his or her life was a relief while in another way, at least if that happened there was some hope of turning a negative into a positive.

So, with no such luck in that arena, the jig was up for Alexa and Janaya while Whitney was saved. As for the boys, while Chehon was safe, Nick and Daniel were asked to leave.

And so, as So You Think You Can Dance 2012 came to an end with four very good dancers voted off and with another six dancers waiting to hear if they are in the bottom six next week, this TV reality show is heating up big time. Stay tuned.

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