‘So You Think You Can Dance’ 2012 Recap: Who Was Voted Off On September 5?

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On So You Think You Can Dance 2012 for September 5, the remaining dancers did some demanding work as each showed skills in three different performances. It was a heavy duty night for those still in the competition, but the crowd and the judges loved almost all of it.

Speaking of judges, Christina Applegate was back to critique with regular arbiters Mary Murphy and Nigel Lythgoe. Throughout the night, this sitcom star and all around great actress had a lot of savvy things to say to the dancers. She obviously knows her stuff and can deliver constructive criticism with a really humorous delivery a she showed her appreciation to all the dancers in one way or another.

Much appreciated by Christina and the rest of the panel was ballroom dancer Witney Carson’s solo Paso Double (seems like a contradiction in terms). This bold take on the traditional dance of Spain was done in a flaming hot red dress to the strains of Malaguena by the Brian Setzer Dance Orchestra.

For the all-star number, Witney was paired with season 8’s Marco Germar. Their contemporary number told the story of a couple on their wedding day in which the bride was having really cold feet and had decide whether or not to go through with the nuptials. While dancing out the consequences of this decision to the sounds of No Nothing, Marco ended up not being able to convince his beloved that they should, indeed, be wed.

Both Mary and Christina are obviously enchanted with Witney, with Murphy applauding her attack and her ability to find control while Applegate praised her abilities that go way beyond the skills of a ballroom dancer. Then she makes up the term “hairography,” suggesting that this dancer has too much of her mob in her face when she danced. Laughing at herself for coming up with the word in the first place, Christina said she would have preferred to be able to see more of that lovely mug throughout the number. Nigel then patted himself on the back for saying Witney in the past because she’s “such a star.”

Witney also joined Chehon for a cha-cha created by Jean Marc Genereux to the Rihanna song Where Have You Been. Obviously, Witney was more confidant in this number than Chehon, so when Mary talked about the number she was sad she didn’t get to see more of Witney as she wanted to see her abilities shine through. So did Nigel, who said in a British clip, “Disappointing, I’m afraid.”

Another dancer that made a splash this week was Cole. He was lucky enough to dance with last season’s champion Melanie Moore to the song Too Close by Alex Clare. The Sonya Tayeh routine demanded that Melanie lift a half nude (from the waist up) Cole, whose foot Christina thought was “terrible” during his pirouette. Still, Applegate didn’t care because his performance was “so good. And we’ll see you next week.” Fingers crossed.

During her discussion of her feelings about Cole before her son did his solo, his mom told him to kick butt. And he did in a karate fusion solo to Night of the Wolf by Noik Arg. Amazing spinning kicks were on display as fabric swirled around this dancer making him seem to be going even faster than he actually was.

Cole was also pared with Eliana for a Mia Michaels routine about love and hate done to the haunting strains of Adagio in Strings. The anguish was apparent as there was a lot of pushing back and forth and the end was a dance-like version of The Scream painting by Edvard Munch.

Mary was enchanted with the couple while Nigel boldly pronounced that this number was based on his relationship with Mia. He did admit that Cole and Eliana really managed to get the emotional message through to the audience while Christina uttered, “I could see that resistance in that pain from both of you.”

With all the dancers showing their prowess throughout the show and as So You Think You Can Dance edged close to the time when the show had to wrap, Cat Deeley called out the girls for their fate. She told Tiffany and Eliana they will go on to the finale while Witney was, sadly, eliminated.

The the boys are on trial, with Cat’s snap of the envelope deciding that Cheon and Cyrus would continue on with SYTYCD 2012 while Cole would be going home after showing such promise throughout the season.

With that said and done, stay tuned for So You Think You Can Dance next week when the last performance show of the season takes place on Tuesday instead of the usual Wednesday time slot for SYTYCD 2012 on Fox.

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