Sober House 2 – Jennifer Gimenez Loses It With Mike Starr

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It’s a tough job and one I wouldn’t want to have. Raising teenagers is hard enough. I can’t imagine raising a household of adults that should all know better, but don’t. On Sober House 2, House Manager Jennifer Gimenez puts up with a lot, and admittedly is challenged much more this season with Alice In Chains Bassist Mike Starr, Tom, Sizemore, Heidi Fleiss, and the others.

Heidi not only left to take care of things in Nevada and came back high on methamphetamines, but she also does whatever she can to bait ex-boyfriend Tom whenever she can. He did some jail time after beating her up when they were dating, and she just can’t let it go. I honestly don’t think she will ever be in a better place until she learns to deal with her emotions over that. Tom is not only hurt by her reactions, but also still carrying his violent streak as we see every time he gets a little p.o.’ed. He gets practically manic. Add to that situation a houseful of addicts disobeying the rules at every chance they get, and you see what Jenn has to put up with.

This week, Mike Starr wore Jenn down. I think Jenn knows she was losing control of the house and the addicts were starting to take over, and not in a good way. She knew she had to regain the control, but she isn’t really well-equipped to do this. As Dr. Drew Pinsky even said, she’s not a professional. She’s another addict, an addict who’s been there, but now has her stuff together. But being an addict who now has control of her life doesn’t necessarily equip you to handle a household of addicts who abuse privileges and even abuse you at every chance they get.

Jenn decided to make an issue out of Mike refusing to clean his room. She just stayed in his face and kept telling him to clean up his room. He tried saying he didn’t feel well and couldn’t do it right now, and she just kept after him. He got very verbally abusive with her and even somewhat physical getting up in her face, grabbing her, etc. He called her ugly; she told him he lived like a pig. He got on a little bike and rode it around in circles around her and she just kept telling him to clean his room. He called her every bad name in the book, and she returned the favor, then forced him to leave, when he was finally getting ready to do what she asked.

Looking back at it, what was the precursor to this? Heidi. She was egging Mike on as they discussed how much they disliked Jenn. Jenn definitely represents that authority figure right now to them, but in a different way then Shelly and Bob in Celebrity Rehab. Jenn sees herself more as a disciplinarian, and that parental type of role is resulting in childlike behavior from the residents there at Sober House.

In the end, Dr. Drew did what was right for everyone. He sent someone to find Mike, and he had actually avoided turning to more violence or drugs in his time away from the house. And that was good, as it was making him feel successful, something he probably hasn’t felt in a long time. And Dr. Drew also brought in some help for Jenn. He realized she was stressed out and in over her head, so he brought in Loesha Zeviar from Celebrity Rehab, as she’s a professional in the rehab business and will be able to help Jenn deal with all of this and also help keep the addicts in line.

I don’t think there’s a right or wrong way to handle all this, just as there isn’t a right or wrong way to handle kids. The whole conversation Jenn had with Mike to clean his room sounded like what I go through weekly with my 17-year-old son. So many of these addicts have problems that stem from things in their childhood, that I wonder if it will ever be possible for them to act like adults.

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